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MegaPoints Controllers documentation

Current versions
Servo Controller User Guide revision 26. *** NEW ***
This guide is for Servo Controllers version 1.8 and later (current).
Download link
Solenoid motor driver board - revision 1, February 2017
Solenoid motor driver board user guide.
Download link
Starter kit solenoid edition quick start guide, February 2017
Begin with this guide and accompanying video.
Download link
Relay driver board - revision 1, September 2016
Relay driver board user guide.
Download link
Starter Kit Quick Start Guide revision 3 - Nov 2015
Quick start guide for the MultiPanel starter kit.
Download link
CAN bus adaptor
Have a huge layout indoors or outdoors and want to hook up all our devices over long distances. The CAN bus guide shows how to do it.
Download link
MegaPoints Controllers hackers guide revision 5 - Jan 2016
Ever wanted to control your MegaPoints Controllers products using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi? This guide shows how you can do just this. Check the guide regularly for updates as we expand the content.
Updated for MultiPanel.
Download link
Networking Guide revision 9 - October 2015
A guide to using MegaPoints Controllers network features, background information, advice and a comprehensive summary of the control possibilities.
Download link
Servo Controller user guide revision 24 - April 2016
This document is a must read for all users. It explains how to connect and operate your MegaPoints Servo controller board. This version covers board versions 1.5h to 1.8.
Download link
MultiPanel user guide revision 16 - November 2015
A must read for all MultiPanel users. Updated to include subpanel features where smaller MultiPanels may be configured to control a portion of the master panel.
Download link
Routing processor user guide revision 4 - August 2015
Your definitive guide to our routing processor, covers installation and use.
Download link
Servo Controller Relay board user guide - August 2015
Relays can now be added to Servo Controllers from version 1.5i onwards. This guide covers the setup and cabling for relays and how our board connects to the Servo Controller.
Download link
DCC module user guide revision 7 - August 2015
If you are choosing to use DCC to control your MegaPoints devices, this guide explains how to do it.
Download link
MegaPoints Controllers brochure
Page one of our brochure.
Download link
MegaPoints Controllers brochure download
Page two of our brochure.
Download link

Older versions

MegaPoints MultiPanel user guide July 2015

MegaPoints Controller user guide July 2015

MegaPoints DCC module November 2014


Software updates

The following software updates are available:

Product Date Version Detail
MegaPoints Servo Controller AUG 2015 1.23 Added relay support (boards 1.15i and later only)
Removed semaphore cycle at power on
MultiPanel AUG 2015 32 Added subpanel feature.
DCC Module AUG 2015 2.07 Added support route processor control.

Software updates are available free of charge to customers. To obtain an update:

         Return you existing chip (or entire board) for upgrade via mail (email me first to confirm) with a prepaid self addresses envelope. The chip must be returned in an anti static enclosure or the anti static pink bubble wrap the board  was supplied in.

Please note: We no longer do software updates at exhibitions.

Contact me: My email address can be found on the first page of any user guide.