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MegaPoints MultiPanel

Mythical Junction Mimic PanelThe MegaPoints MultiPanel control board connects your mimic panels to the MegaPoints network for hassle free wiring around your layout. More than one MultiPanel may be connected together for true cooperative layout control. As one operator changes points all other MultiPanels are instantly updated with the status. Changes are indicated by flashing LEDs drawing attention to changes as they are made.

The processor board has connectors for 24 buttons and LEDs. Expansion is easy and occurs in 24’s. LED and button boards can be daisy chained up the maximum of 192 points as your layout grows.

Mimic panels can be configured with any combination of ON/OFF or ON/ON indicators to indicate points direction. You can choose whether an LED is illuminated for ON and extinguished for OFF, or use different colours for OFF and ON.

MiltiPanel OverviewMultiple panels can be linked together on the same layout – each with equivalent layout control. This means any operator can change points direction as they require. All other panels are immediately updated to reflect the change. To highlight changes, LEDs flash for two seconds. Consider using a MultiPanel with LEDs only facing the public showing what is going on.

The MultiPanel connects to the MegaPoints DCC module. Only a single DCC module is required for your entire layout. By changing the DCC modules mode of operation (user selectable) you get 192 DCC accessory addresses. The DCC controller also has equal access to control points. If a DCC handset changes points direction the MultiPanel will flash the change on all mimic panel displays. The DCC module enables DCC controllers to fire off macros adding easy routing capability.

Core to the MegaPoints Controllers design philosophy is easy testing and familiarisation on the work bench before committing to any installation work. The MultiPanel processor board will dock with a 24 way button and LED grid that gives instant access to the first 24 LEDs and buttons. This allows for easy testing and familiarisation by connecting power and plugging into the MegaPoints network.

MultiPanel Processor BoardMultiPanel Processor: This is the ‘brain’ of the MultiPanel. It takes care of all the logic, sending and receiving messages on the MegaPoints network, reading the mimic panel buttons and ensuring the correct LEDs are illuminated to keep the operator informed. Also stores the ‘state’ of your layout so when its powered back on everything goes back the way you left it. Contains connectivity for the first 24 LEDs and buttons, just hook up and go!

MultiPanel LED Expansion ModuleLED expansion board: Provides indicator expansion in 24’s. The first board connects to the MultiPanel processor and additional boards daisy chain to each other. When connected to the MultiPanel processor “LED Expn 1” socket they provide feedback for points 25-192 (the first 24 are already on the processor board). When connected to “LED Expn 2” socket they provide complimentary feedback in parallel. This means that when LEDs for Expn 1 are off, Expn 2 LEDs are on. This provides the ON/ON feedback some operators prefer.

MultiPanel Switch Expansion BoardSwitch expansion board: Provides button expansion in 24’s. These boards daisy chain to each other and provide switch inputs to points 25-192 (the first 24 are already on the processor board).

MultiPanel Stacking LED & Switch BoardStackable processor LED and button grid: This board plugs right over the MultiPanel processor board and provides the first 24 LEDs and buttons. Designed to allow easy testing of your system and allows operation of the first 24 points without any switch or LED wiring. When wiring to your own mimic panel, just unplug this board and connect to the vacated sockets.

MultiPanel LED stacking PanelStackable LED grid: The LED grid stacks on top of the LED expansion board. This makes for easy testing as it is an excellent diagnostic tool.

MultiPanel Switch Stacking PanelStackable button grid: The button grid stacks on top of the button expansion board. Allows easy testing and diagnostics.

Connectivity: We use standard R/C style servo connectors through the MegaPoints product range. These provide an inexpensive, reliable connection and are easy to change. Its also easy to make your own connectors using solder free crimping tools found on your favourite Internet auction site.

Documentation available from the MegaPoints Manuals page.

Contact me: My email address can be found on the first page of any user guide.

MegaPoints Controllers would like to thank Macclesfield Model Railway Group for their support and assistance during the development of these products.